Your back office is getting some significant upgrades!

We are happy to announce that we are migrating onto a brand-new platform (powered by CareerBuilder) allowing faster recruitment processes, better conversions and higher ROI for our clients.

The launch of the new site will be starting next week, and we will be in touch then with further details.

What will you need to do?

Nothing Yet! Once the migration is complete, you will receive an email from Careerbuilder with temporary login details and you will then need to reset your password for security and privacy reasons . The system will ask you to create a new password when logging into your recruiter back office.

If you have any questions, we also encourage you to contact your Account Manager and/or our Customer Care team

What does the migration include?

  • User friendly job posting process

We improved the job posting process to save you time by reducing it from 3 steps to 1 user friendly one. It’s never been that easy to post a job! 

  • Create job templates and copy existing jobs into additional locations

In order to save even more time and standardise your jobs layout, you can now create job templates and copy jobs into additional locations.

  • Browse multiple candidates on the CV database on the same page

The new interface allows you to scroll through candidates and have the profile for each one you click on to display on the same page, so when browsing CVs you don’t have to go back and forth or open new windows anymore.

  • Email candidates directly from the database

No need to save candidates’ emails and switch to your emails anymore as you can now email candidates you are interested in directly from the database.

  • Forward CVs to any email address directly from the database

Also improve team efficiency by forwarding CVs to your colleagues directly from our database.

  • Create relevant lists of candidates

Create tags and add them to candidates in order to create lists of relevant jobseekers or actions and best manage your recruitment efforts.


In order to support these improvements, we are also improving our marketing strategy. According to your requests, our campaigns cover ALL Energy sectors and actions are put in place to heavily attract most challenging profiles.

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