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What is it?

Oil an Gas Job Search’ Job Postings are a recruitment advertising solution that provides the most exposure to your clients’ open opportunities with a minimal amount of effort. With the help of our recommendation technology, Job Postings put your job opportunities in front of your ideal candidates – regardless of whether or not they are actively seeking.

Features of Powerful Job Postings

These components of a job posting can impact a candidate’s decision to apply

Job title: Keep your job title simple and to the point, using terms candidates are more likely to use in their search. Do not forget to repeat the title throughout the text for relevancy for both Oil and Gas Job Search and Google for Jobs.

Education and experience: Helps candidates determine if they have the background needed to be successful.

Salary and benefits: Any time you can add pay or compensation details within a posting, it is highly recommended to do so. Because.. would you apply to a job without a salary?  It is also worth looking into the difference in salary that are offered within different companies for the same type of roles. If the salary is considerably lower, it is always advisable to add benefits that might convince the job seeker to apply for your position instead.

Company name, logo and overview: Include your name, logo and a description of your company culture to differentiate your job posting from competitors.

“Apply Now” : Make it fast and easy for job seekers to submit an application through Oil and Gas Job Search, and expect to see less applicant drop-off when using an email address for applications.

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